Initial Jobless Claims Crash Back To 44-Year Lows

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After a brief disturbance due to the hurricanes this fall, initial jobless claims have collapsed back to 225k (down 11k last week), hovering near their lowest level since 1973...


Update: Southbay Reserach notes that the main driver behind the drop in claims is California which saw a one-week drop of -6K (not seasonally adjusted). Typically California claims remain elevated as farm workers get laid off. Added to that wave are the massive fires in Southern California which closed businesses for a week. However, because of the fires, many workers were unable to file claims.

In other words - claims will jump next week when the firess are put out.

更新:Southbay Reserachによるとこの下落の主要因はカルフォルニアだ、一週間で6K減った(季節調整なし)。いつもならカリフォルニアでは農場のレイオフで増えるものだ。さらに南カリフォルニアでは大火のために一週間ほど事務所が閉じられている。しかしながら、火事のために、多くの労働者が申請できないでいる。言い換えるとーー火事が納まる来週には急増するだろう。

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So the question is... What's everyone complaining about?


By the looks of this chart, everything is awesome! Probably a good time for a trillion-dollar-deficit busting fiscal stimulus tax reform package?